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M-Tech Plastics is a 17 year old multi-province supplier of world class plastic films in the plastics & packaging industry.

Started in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1990, M-Tech Plastics quickly became synonymous with quality and innovation in the flexible plastics market.

M-Tech Plastics has continually strived to lead the industry forward with premium films designed to reduce customer costs and improve strength, clarity and product presentation.

Quality at M-Tech Plastics is achieved through teamwork. Quality is everyone's responsibility and is manufactured into the product at the engineering stage and continues all the way down the line until it is shipped out the door.

Our commitment to quality also extends into the field with our customer support team.
Our technically trained sales and customer service representatives are available to answer your questions and solve your film problems.

Today, M-Tech Plastics supplies hundreds of tons of finished goods into the African Market. M-Tech's commitment to improve and expand continues as the new millennium progresses.

M-Tech's quality products, unparalleled processes, exceptional people and highly competitive prices set the benchmark for the leaders in the industry.

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